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Tailored Cost for Efficient Solutions

TRoom offers Leading Global cost efficient products as a tailored service to suit our clients’ need.

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We source and develop High Quality Products to meet our client’s requirements

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Advanced Technology

TRoom ensuring to deliver the essential advantage product to our clients in a fast growing and changing world.

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TRoom provides the most efficient and innovative product to you in the most convenient way.

TRLED is a manufacture and distributor for state of the art LED products. We are currently based in the Sheffield region. We produce highly efficient well-made heavy industrial LED lighting products which have been carefully selected from the best LED manufacturers in South Korea.

TRLED’s mission is to be the most cost efficient lighting company on the market. We not only produce a product that suits our client’s needs but we also analyze our clients requirements in order to guide our client’s through the confusing path of modern lighting system forward planning.

We supply LED lighting products for; street lighting, motorway and carriageway lighting, multi-story car park lighting, area lighting to ports and airports, office lighting, Industrial space lighting and stadium lighting.

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Advanced Lighting Experience

Lighting Choices to Save Energy and Money

Across the World, private and public sector organisations are waking up to the fact that they have an opportunity to make huge energy savings by switching to LED lighting which can enable them to easily meet financial cost reduction targets imposed upon them from above.

Typically they are aware of the cost savings that result from switching from convention lamp units that consume 100+ watts to units that consume in the order of 55 watts.

However the LED light market can be very confusing as we need to consider many things when we are spending great amount in to new products. We have to consider factors such as Light timing, Lamp unit price, Efficiency, product type etc. and all this needs to be carefully integrated into the plan.

TRLED can put together packages that offer the most suitable lamp units for our client’s needs. For some clients price is critical whilst for others time is of the essence and we understand this by understanding our clients. Out key business ethos is working closely with Global LED manufacturers to not only deliver the best product in the market but to also fill market gaps by creating new products that clients require.

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